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Q-What are the benefit of hair bonding?

A- There are many benefits of hair bonding. It is not a Surgical procedure that is painless for the Individuals .It can also be quicker and cheap in cost. It is not harmful ,U can achieve quite high hair density with the help of hair bounding. About our service Non surgical hair replacement is a good choice for those who are in the latest stage of hair loss .In MMC India we have customized non-surgical hair replacement to meet the varied need of our client. Out teem of Non surgical experts can help you to achieve stylish natural looking hair. Some popular non surgical hair replacement service that we provide
(1)Weaving (2) Bounding

Q-Can i swim after weaving and Bounding?

A- Yes ,You can swim after weaving and bounding because, your hairs are attached with clip or tape .The hair should be fine as long as they are attached properly.

Q-What about cost?

A- It is very cheaper in cost and depends on our quality and size.

Q-What about comfort?

A-It is very comfortable like our natural hair because it acts as natural human hair, after weaving and bounding ,You can also use shampoo and comb your hair comfortably as per your like.

* I started loosing hair when I was 22 years of age, and was under depression because of boldness. My friends laughs at me and call me grandpa. After I started using hair-patch I felt very happy and comfortable from my problem, now a days I am looking naturally young it's only because of MMC India .


* I am very comfortable after treating my hair from MMC India . I don't have any sweating problem nor any hair-fall. I can easily swim ,comb my hair. I am very much thankful MMC India for giving me my beautiful days back


* My name is K. JATI ,I have been using hair patch since ten years. I have never felt any side effect .I am happy that MMC India has given me a new look.


* It looks like a natural hair .During my regular journey from Nainital to Kolkata, I have never face any problem looking young all time .


*It has changed my life style from bold and disappointed man to a handsome personality ,it is no one else me MMC India. I am thankful to you.


* I don't face any short of problems no body laughs or cut jokes on my name , I have become younger and most smarter these days, Only because of MMC India.